Now Accepting Credit Cards for haircut payments!!


New Phone=New Card ReaderTechnology.
(Additional 3% Charge on CC Sales)

Selfie Haircut

Bill Kirchen. Legend. Awesome Guy…and my most famous haircut to date

Prime Time

Here are some sureshots of the regulars.  Since the beginning, these guys have been showing me some awesome support.  For that I Thank you!

The ultimate fax howk


Simon at One and a HalfDrive Thru Haircut!

WHOA!  BeforeHe’s not feelin’ it…

and WOW! AfterSee how happy Jerry is when I got done with him.

Chadski 'The Cheese" NealyusDead Sexy!

Photo by J. Kromhout--Acorn StudiosThe heat is on baby!

A teacher of mine comes in and gets his propsThis one got away actually.

 More to come…

Home Hair Cut with Lil’ David T.

David the Crusader was in desparate need of his naggy and shaggy mop trimmed when I showed up. So we made short work of it there in the kitchen. Note that he received his sucker in advance in order the behave in the chair.  What a good lil’ patient.

Unwanted Hair

So an Ex-Girlfriend suggested that I see Jonny to rid myself of that hard to reach back hair. Jon took the razor and behind closed doors he did the dirtiest of jobs. Now I’m dead sexy!

Oh My God!

Truly he is a service to us all.

Who is Jonny Barber?

Is he wanted by organized crime?  Or is he just hiding in this small Village of Ellicottville?  No one knows for sure, except Mrs. and Mr. B and they’re not telling.

Johnny Barlow

I always knew I wanted to be a barber when i was a kid!

Skateboard Break

Billy Bacon from Suburban Blend and I got busy during a “skate break” and no I didn’t turn the sign on the door to Closed.  We jammed up to the Holiday Valley road to catch some turns.